Tuesday, 15 October 2013


This video is a parody of a TV show where Steve Jobs ("The founder of Apple computers") is the special guest. This document deals with three notions out of the four we have to study.

First, we can relate this video to the notion entitled "Myths and Heroes". Indeed, when the presenter introduces "Mister Steve Jobs", the audience is getting crazy. Then Steve Jobs' double enter on the stage while flashing lights lighting up him on a mystical music. We have the feeling that we are facing God. He is like a heroe for the audience because he created incredible products.

But this video makes us also think of the notion "The Idea of Progress". Actually, this fake TV show refers to the Apple products, we can see the iPod, the iMac, the iBook, the iPhone, the iPicture frame, the iLamp, the iMicrowave and the iVacuum. Obviously this video aims to laugh at Apple Corporation and its wishes to release more and more products. Besides, these products are totally improbable so it adds a comic effect.

Moreover I think that there is a link between this document and the notion "Locations and Forms of Power" because Apple Company wants to be more and more powerful, that's why the Corporation never stops releasing new products. And the fact is always more and more people buy Apple products even if it's useless like the "Irack" in the video. Apple is getting richer thanks to people who waste their money buying new products.

I personnally think that each and everyone should wear iRan and run far away from Apple spreading.