Wednesday, 4 December 2013


The movie Into The Wild released by Sean Penn in 2007 seems to be about a young adventurous man who wants to break up with his actual life. He needs something more exciting, something different because he doesn't feel satisfied yet. The movie tackles the current issue of leaving your life behing to start a new one : "There are people in this world who go looking for adventure"...

I think this movie deals with the notion MYTHS & HEROES because the main character is braver than ever. He breaks away from his former life to face the Nature. He is searching for himself, it's a kind of a quest in which he doesn't want to feel strong, he wants to be strong! He decides to face the danger of the Nature by living with nothing else than by his own means. He surely doesn't feed himself correctly but it's nothing compared the hurdles he has to overcome : in the trailer, we can see that he is beaten by someone else.

Besides, this film refers to the notion IDEA OF PROGRESS, but in an original way. Indeed, this film is a criticism of consumer society. The main character - the heroe - takes the decision to live with nothing in an opulence world. Therefore, he cuts his credit cards and burn his money before going towards Alaska.