Thursday, 5 September 2013


                                                                                       This cartoon is taken from International Herald Tribune

We don't know exactly when this cartoon was published but at first sight, it's obvious it was during the Festival de Cannes event. This document raises the controversial issue of illegal downloading.

What catches my eye first is the Festival de Cannes logo in the top left-hand corner but also the woman, dressed in a golden outfits, next to the actor or director... Actually the main character is signing an autograph to a fan. Behind them, in the background, we can make out a crowd of people and photographers shooting the stars on the red carpet.
This document is made up of a drawing and we can read what the "geek" teenager is saying to his idol.

In fact the cartoonist aims to criticize illegal downloading.
On the whole, I think that the cartoonist wants to denounce the increasing prices in the Cinema Industry but at the same time he blames the ones who pirate films because these are also reponsible for the increasing prices of DVDs.

In my opinion, I find this document well-designed and effective and I think it's thanks to the cartoonist's humour. This cartoon is clever enough to influence the readers but at the same time there is nothing to approve at all because each and every one can give their own opinion. Needless to say that document is linked to The Idea Of Progress

There is so much to do with laws against illegal downloading but is it worse than stealing a DVD in a supermarket? What's your point of view?


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  2. It seems to me that you could have done much better in your commentary.
    Please learn to dig deeper.