Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Originally known as Paul Van Haver, Stromae was born on the 12th March 1985 in Brussels. He is a writer-composer-performer of hip-hop and electronic music.

His mother is Belgian while his father came from Rwanda where he got killed during the genocide. His mother raised her 4 sons and her daughter on her own in the capital city.
When he was only 11, Stromae attended to music theory and drums at Musical Academy of Jette.

In 2000, he takes the pseudonym Opsmaestro to launch his career in hip-hop. But then he changes his nickname to become the most famous ever Stromae. (Maestro in backward-slang)

CHEESE, 2010
He begins by releasing some lessons on the internet to teach people how to compose electronic songs.
Then, he releases his first single Alors on danse in 2009, thanks to it he wins NRJ Award and he also attends to MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 on the 7th of November in Madrid.

The first song of this new album was released in May 2013. Papaoutai quickly became a hit.
His second album is as famous as the first one or maybe more because Stromae is now getting known by the whole world!
This year he won the award of the Best Belgian Artist at MTV Europe Music Awards.

I really love his songs because he is avant-garde and I love the way he blends electronic music with powerful and meaningful lyrics. Moreover he is really gifted to perform, he was impressive in Le Grand Journal where he performed his new song Tous les mêmes few days ago.

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